Friday, November 17, 2017

Noah Worcester (1812-1847)

Noah Worcester, a Dartmouth graduated after studying in the Parisian clinics join the faculty of the newly founded Medical School of Ohio.

He taught general pathology for a tine at Western Reserve College and later practices medicine in Cincinnati.

Dr Noah Worcester published the first American textbook on skin diseases in 1845. “A synopsis of the Symptoms, diagnosis, and Treatment the More Common an Important diseases of the Skin”.

He considered acne “ a noncontiguous eruption, characterized by small pustules, upon a conical inflame base of greater or less size, usually of a dull re or livid, though sometimes of a natural color, due to sedentary habits, dysmenorrhea, cold drinks, alcohol, masturbation, bilious or lymphatic temperaments, with dark hair an smooth, pliable skin.”
Noah Worcester (1812-1847) 

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