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Medicine in Pre History Era

Numerous stones and tools probably of 15,000 BC have been discovered some of them may well have been employed as surgical instruments.

The problem of death was thought as a punishment for man’s obedience. The existence of diseases was considered differently. Disease were viewed as a result of malevolent exercised by a god or supernatural being or of another human being alive or dead.

As an example, it may be said that the aboriginals of central Australia were still now considered to be the most primitive type of man.

They have a peculiar custom of using a “Bone” made up by a long slender stick and was used to bring illness to a person by some ritual performance and sons, if fortunately the man becomes sick by any other influence, he used to go to a so called “Magician Medicine Man” or a “priest” to get the evil influences sucked out and to take some indigenous herbs or use to take some methods of retaliation of the aggressors.

But it will not be wise to undermine all their behaviors and know ledges because specimen of Trephining of skull evidently proves for their knowledge of artician skill which we have gathered from old excavations.

The method of primitive healings was not concentrated on logic and scientific data but on belief and crude methods of transference of evil spirits and using certain methods like herbs or animal extracts which was the monopoly of certain group of people.
It may be said that it is mere method of exploitation than a process of real healing and occasionally it occurred some natural processes of healing, which was claimed as their credit or hereditary monopoly.

Stud of folk medicine reveals may curious beliefs and creeds, a very important part of medical history. The use of remedies was not only internal but used to be carried as charms and talisman, as a part of treatment.

The skin of snake, the patella of a sheep, the nail of a coffin etc, were used as charms. Another curious aspect of folk medicine was the importance to put up colored hangings in the sick room to prevent small pox, red flannel used to prevent sorethroat and to wear red thread with nine knots to prevent nose bleedings.
Medicine in Pre History Era

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