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Daniel Turner (1667-1740)

The English physician and surgeon was the ‘Father of Dermatology’ and wrote the book ‘Art of Surgery’. Daniel Turner was born on 18 September 1667, the third son of John and Rebecca Turner.

Daniel Turner received a degree from Yale College. He was accepted as a licentiate of the College of Physicians in London. Turner showed a considerable practical knowledge of dermatology and had a considerable concern for the welfare of skin patients.
Daniel Turner
He wrote the first dermatological text in English entitled ‘A treatise on Disease Incident on the Skin’(1714). The book was translated into both German and French. He also wrote a book on syphilis, ‘A Practical Dissertation on the Venereal Disease’ (1717).

He accepted without question that the gonorrheal urethra was ulcerated but carried the idea as stage further by applying it to women.
Daniel Turner (1667-1740)

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