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The Medical School of Montpellier

The Medical School of Montpellier was open possibly in 12th century. Montpellier was a health resort like Salerno. It may have begun as an offshoot of the Salerno Medical School.

During the 2nd half of the 13th century, many disturbances in Italy caused physicians such Roger de Parma to migrate to Southern France, carrying with them the works of AlBulcasis.

The Faculty of Medicine, Montpellier
By about 1200, the reputation of the Montpellier school had surpassed that of Salerno. At the end of the 12th century, teachers included Monks, Jews and Islamic Doctors. The earliest teaching was in Arabic and Hebrew, but Latin became of the official language by the 12th century.

Montpellier was famed as a great medical school from the later middle ages onwards, and a complex medical community existed in and around the city and the university.

Medicine was the principle service industry in Montpellier: professors, private physicians, surgeons, apothecaries, apprentices, university students, hospitals and the sick had been constant feature in the city for centuries.

The Montpellier master surgeon Fran├žois de La Peyronie, who was the First Surgeon to Louis XV, was instrumental in gaining the king’s support for establishment of the Society royale de chirurgie in Pairs in 1731. After the rise of medical school at Padua its face gradually came it continue its celebration upto 1890.
The Medical School of Montpellier

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