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Dr. Wallace Calvin Abbott and Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories dates back to 1888, when physician Dr, Wallace C. Abbott started producing dosimetric granules in the kitchen of his apartment.

Dr. Wallace began to practice medicine in Chicago in 1886. Troubled by the indefinite and changeable results that he had obtained from the use of unstandardized fluid extracts and tinctures, he began to study the experiments of the Belgian dosimetrist, Burgraeve.

The innovation gave a competitive edge because it provided a more accurate and effective dosing mechanism for patients than other treatments available at the time.

In 1888 Dr, Wallace C. Abbott established a company in Chicago to employ a new technique for the preparation of drugs, which involved precipitating them into solid extracts and then selling them in granules. 

The business went through all the normal development of a small firm starting as a family operation, expanding to take ‘outsiders’ moving into advertising and catalogue selling of health products and using the name Abbott Alkaloid Company.

After the incorporation of the enterprise in 1900, the manufacture of other types of products was undertaken and the nucleus of a chemical research staff was formed.

By 1906, the company had increase its sales force to reach doctors, and by 1910, it had opened its first European agency in London and branches in New York.

In 1920, the company moved to a new site in North Chicago, and Dr, Wallace C. Abbott died in the following year.

Today, Abbott discovers, developed, manufactures and markets products and services from prevention and diagnosis, to treatment and cure.
Dr. Wallace Calvin Abbott and Abbott Laboratories

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