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Father of modern pharmacology

Pharmacological research started in Europe in the second half of the 19th century when researchers investigated the action of existing drugs in animals experiments. One of them is Oswald Schmiedeberg. 

Oswald Schmiedeberg, Baltic German (1838-1921) is considering as the founder of modern pharmacology.

He obtained his doctorate in medicine in 1866 for his work on the estimation of chloroform in blood. He also contributed to the study of chloralhydarte.

In 1871 he was appointed it the newly established chair in pharmacology at the University of Strasburg, where he remained until 1918.

Oswald Schmiedeberg created the first journal for the new science and published a classic textbook that went through seven editions in several languages.

Under Oswald Schmiedeberg’s directorship the Strasbourg institute became a leading center for research and education.

During the 46 years Oswald Schmiedeberg occupied his chair, he trained most of those who were to become professors of pharmacology at German and foreign university.

His institute became a mecca for the students of pharmacology from all over the world, the training ground for a whole generation of practitioners of the new science.
Father of modern pharmacology

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