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Pennsylvania Hospital – United States first hospital

Philadelphia was the site of the first incorporated hospital in America, the Pennsylvania Hospital. The founder Dr. Thomas Bond with the aid of Benjamin Franklin wished to provide a place where Philadelphia physicians may treat their private patents.

Its mission – to serve the sick poor. Dr. Thomas Bond and Franklin champion the cause since little medical attention was provided for the city’s poor and mentally ill, while well to do residents received medical care in their homes.

In May 11, 1751 Provincial Assembly issued a charter for Pennsylvania Hospital which is approved by Lieutenant Governor James Hamilton.

The first staff were appointed in 1751 consisted of Dr. Phineas Bond, Dr. Lloyd Zachary and the founder, Dr. Thomas Bond, all of whom gave their services without remuneration for 3 years. The arrangements were made to receive patents in a temporary building.

In February 1752 first patient Margaret Sherlock is admitted to the hospital. Franklin helped design the new building and it was completed to receive patients in December 1756.

The hospital was established in the same general pattern used for such hospitals in England.
Pennsylvania Hospital – United States first hospital

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